We are SUPER excited to nominate Skinny Wimp Moving  CO. out of Georgia and as our November 2023 Mover of the Month!

 Skinny Wimp Moving CO. has been using MoveitPro Software since January 27, 2023.

We are filled with anticipation for Skinny Wimp Moving CO's future, as they continue to expand and operate a thriving moving company.

Mover of the Month (Oct.2023)

Below is a bit about Skinny Wimp CO.

Family and locally owned Skinny Wimp Moving Company employs fully trained local movers who are committed to performing at the highest level of prestige. You will be greeted by movers who are regularly trained and have the highest-grade moving equipment and technology and the finest protective materials. Their primary goal is to relieve you of any stress associated with your household, apartment, condo and office moves. Skinny Wimp CO.  will make it a smooth and efficient moving experience to allow you the freedom to focus on your daily life tasks and family matters.

Here is what they said about MoveitPro

MoveitPro has significantly improved the booking process, making it more convenient and efficient for users. Notably, they have streamlined the process, allowing for quicker and more convenient changes to bookings