We are SUPER excited to nominate MyProMovers out of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, as our September 2023 Mover of the Month!

MyProMovers, Inc has been using MoveitPro Software since November 27, 2019 and after 5 years of use, MoveitPro has become an integral part of their Company! 

We are super excited about what MyProMovers, has in store for the future as they continue to grow and run a successful moving company.

Mover of the Month (Aug.2023)

Below is a bit about MyProMovers

MyProMovers was founded in 2017 in Northern Virginia by Tursun (Tony) Alkau. He started out booking moves with pen and paper. After MyProMovers purchased it's second truck, he decided to invest in a more organized and professional CRM. That was MoveitPro from the beginning. Since he started the business, we've only ever used MoveitPro because it always had all the features we could possibly need. It was user friendly and it enabled our team to grow our moving company from two trucks back in 2017 to now today we have well over 16 moving trucks working in various capacities, a storage warehouse and grossing well over $3 million. We never thought we would grow so quickly, so expeditiously, and we credit some of that to our systems, but also our people. Today, MyProMovers is working to grow a satellite location in Brooklyn, New York and looking towards both Southern Florida and California for further expansion within the coming year.

Here is what they said about MoveitPro

Efficient booking software like MoveitPro has helped our company, MyProMovers grow and become successful in several ways. First, it helped the company manage our bookings and schedule more effectively, allowing us to take on more jobs and increase our revenue several times over throughout our 5 years of using MoveitPro. Second, it helped our company provide better customer service by allowing customers to easily schedule and manage their moves online. This helped our company build a positive reputation and attract even more business over the years. Third, it helped our company streamline our operations and reduce administrative costs, which greatly increased our profitability. Overall, MoveitPro has helped our moving company grow and become more successful by improving our scheduling, customer service, and operational efficiency.

Thank you MoveitPro!