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      Benefits of a Moving CRM Software


      1) All-in-one Platform

      One platform covers all aspects of a move from start to finish. A moving software CRM like MoveitPro will have all the aspects of your moving business handled in one seamless program.

      2) Digitization of records

      No one wants to file paperwork and hope you can find it later or have to make multiple copies for your clients and your team. Why not lose that stress, and have all info online where your whole team can view it and be on the same page?

      3) Professionalism

      Imagine showing up to an in-home estimate with nothing but a tablet. All aspects of the estimate can be completed on-site, with nothing more than a tablet or even a smartphone. No cube sheets or form after form to track and lose. MoveitPro’s cloud-based software makes it easy to take your work wherever you go.

      Benefits of a Moving CRM Software


      4) Scheduling employees

      Do you want to hand write on a whiteboard everyone's chores for the day, or type out a task and send that task straight to their smartphone? With moving company software, you can view the tasks they have and the status, and mark off their completion. MoveitPro allows you to send SMS notifications


      5) Booking jobs

      Have you ever double-booked or set a job back to back so it's impossible to make the 2nd job on time? Now you can see all jobs for the day in one place as well as any notes for that job such as how long it will take and what that job entails. To have a better understanding of what you can still accomplish

       Booking jobs


      6) Automated customer engagement

      Never miss a chance to quickly respond to your clients. Tired of spending hours writing emails to clients? MoveitPro’s automated email system does this for you. With over 30 different email templates and triggers there is an auto-response for just about any situation.


      7) Payroll

      Accounting can be confusing and stressful. Inside MoveitPro, as you close out jobs payroll information is auto-populated for you. You will have the capability to override and edit any info. Fix here and show there, not having to enter the info in twice.

      MoveitPro include the feature of Payroll


      8) Merchant Integration

      MoveitPro has a closed API to keep your payment information and the information of your clients secure. Link your merchant to your software so you can take payments on-site through the system. Payments can be taken and tracked in your CRM.


      9) Recordkeeping

      Every company needs a way to track their growth. MoveitPro has reports for everything ranging from Sales to Payroll to Customer Reviews. These reports can be customized by close out date, move date, and sales representative.

      MoveitPro has reports for everything ranging from Sales to Payroll to Customer Reviews


      The organization is key to any company’s success. Make sure your moving software makes organization easier, not harder.



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