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      Join the Network

      You can become an official moving partner with Move For Hunger! It’s very easy to participate in. You’ll join on the Move For Hunger website and be provided with marketing materials, box labels, a truck decal, and a listing on their “Find a Mover” page. In return, you will ask customers to set aside un-opened, non-perishable food items they’d like to donate. You can take these donations back to your warehouse or office. Once a month, you’ll deliver these donations to your local food bank.

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      Food Drive

      A food drive is a great way to support Move For Hunger. Some moving companies have had great success holding “fill a truck” food drives that support communities by encouraging them to fill an entire moving truck with non-perishables. This is not only a great way to support Move For Hunger, but a great way to make connections in your community.



      Like any nonprofit organization, Move For Hunger relies on donations to keep going. Fundraising for Move For Hunger means you can help an organization that has provided 13.8 million meals since 2009 and has organized 5,500+ food drives.


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      Join a Campaign

      If you don’t think you have the time or energy to commit to any of the above, Move For Hunger has a number of campaigns on their website you can join! Joining these campaigns gives you access to their professionally created flyers, a list of suggested items, stickers to decorate your boxes, and transportation of donated items to your local food bank.


      food donation


      Make sure to check out Move For Hunger’s website for more information.

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