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      6 min read

      15 Best Moving Company Software & CRM for 2022

      Looking for a way to manage contracts, inventories, and other reports without using stacks and stacks of paper? Then moving company software might be the ideal solution for you.

      It is very stressful to pack up and transport everything across town or across the country. Whereas, a moving company can be your most helping partner. Moving is much easier with specialized transportation company software.

      Moving companies have a variety of options for software, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. The reason we compiled this guide is to help you find the best moving company software. If you already use one, read the flaws in it, if any are present, you should think another way.

      What is Moving Company Software?

      Moving software is an application that automates and streamlines the entire moving process. Using moving systems, you can schedule appointments, manage customers, maintain financial transactions, estimate costs, and generate reports to help you make informed business decisions.

      Marketing and sales management features of moving company software help you engage customers, build relationships with them, and close deals quickly. 

      Serves as a CRM Software

      Companies use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle by combining practices, strategies, and technologies.

      Customer service relationships will be improved, customer retention will be improved, and sales will increase.

      CRM systems gather information about customers across various channels between them and the company, such as their website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials, and social media.

      Why Use Moving Company Software?

      Typically, moving companies use either a combination of web-based tools and paper files for their business or utilize a bunch of different online tools.

      Keeping track of all that data can be difficult, which can hamper your business efforts, as well as increase the risk of mistakes and customer dissatisfaction.

      You can view all aspects of your business in one place with a comprehensive CRM, giving you a comprehensive view of your success and making sure each customer feels valued.

      main features of a moving software company


      The Benefits of Moving Company Software

      • Your CRM gives you the ability to organize both internal and external customer data under one digital roof.
      • Manage your moving process. Track team performance, assign teams, and control intrateam communications with the right software.
      • You can generate, manage, and close new leads  with many software options for movers.
      • Make informed decisions.  Using moving company software, you can create a variety of custom reports based on all the data you collect.
      • A customer support representative can provide better and faster service by having access to past purchases and interactions.
      • Data collection and access can help businesses identify trends and insights about their customers.
      • With the right moving software, you can calculate accurate estimates  Sand streamline the lead capture and conversion process.
      • Your moving company software enables better communication between employees and customers,  helping you to expand and improve your services.
      • Moving software can integrate with calendar applications, making scheduling packing,  and moving jobs easier.
      • By reducing paperwork, you save time and money while delivering flawless services.
      • You can achieve ultimate customer satisfaction using move management software, which leads to better testimonials and more business opportunities.

      Drawbacks of Some CRM Software:

      All of these features are highly beneficial for moving companies, but not all software systems have them.

      While most moving company software includes basic scheduling features, not all systems have customer-facing features.

      From system to system, reporting and analytics capabilities will vary. Systems without these highly valuable features should be integrated with existing customer management systems, reporting and analytics tools, or other relevant software.

      Keeping scalability in mind is also a consideration for moving companies. If the business grows, it's likely to require more specialized capabilities.

      Some of the Features that your CRM software should have are:
      • Streamline sales, operations, and accounting processes to improve productivity.
      • Facilitate quick response to customer inquiries by your office staff
      • Drive sales using automated lead capture, accurate estimating, lead tracking, smart follow-ups, and task reminders.
      • Ensure business decisions are based on insightful reports.
      • Analyze and monitor key sales and operations metrics to keep your business agile and nimble.

      You are not getting a good return on your CRM software investment if you are not seeing these results.

      How To Choose Quality Moving Software


      1-Demonstrate multiple providers

      When choosing a moving software company, it's wise to demo as many as you can before deciding. The first one may not be the most suitable option for your business. After all, this program will run your entire business, so choosing the right one is crucial.

      2-Take the costs into consideration

      Any moving software you choose is likely to be worth the expense. Make sure the software company you choose is a suitable match for your business. That software is meant to help you run sales and operations, so make sure it's right for you.

      3-Identify the company's future prospects

      Moving software companies are responsible for running a major part of your business, so it's crucial to know where the company is headed and how established they are.

      4-Know when to act

      Purchasing software on a monthly basis and not using it is a waste of money. Before purchasing software, make sure you and your team are ready to learn and implement it.

      5-Identify your needs and problems

      During the demonstration of the software, communicating your moving business's problems will help the company show you where their software can help you solve those problems.

      6-Excellent customer service.

      Moving software is about customer service. You want to choose a company that has helpful customer service so that when there are questions or something unexpected happens wrong, you can get it fixed to choose quality moving software


      15 Best Moving Company Software



      Designed for small, medium, and large moving and storage companies, MoveitPro is a cloud-based solution with many features to simplify your business operations. Get a free demo now.

      Online software for moving and storage companies that includes SMS Messaging, Digital BOL, automated sales, and more. Developed by movers for movers. Live support 24/7.

      Starting Price: $150 per month                    API                      100% Category Focused



      The KickServ dispatch scheduling software combines great features with great tools. It can be customized to suit your business needs. You also have access to a support team for any questions or concerns. 

      Take live pictures of valuable items before and after moves. Get customer signature sign-offs and collect payments on this spot. Kickserv has your moving covered.

      Starting Price: $47 per month                    API                    Free Trial 


      With Vonigo, you can run your business more efficiently. It offers useful tools that help you manage your business better. Its online booking engine connects you with your clients even before you visit them.

      Vonigo is a cloud-based field service software that increases sales and streamlines operations for local moving companies.

      Starting Price: $98 per month                    API


      A fully featured appointment scheduling software designed for SMEs and agencies. BookingKoala offers an end-to-end solution for Windows. Scheduling, Dispatch, Payroll, Contract, and Dispatching are all integrated into this online appointment scheduling system. 

      Using BookingKoala, businesses can schedule appointments, generate leads, bill, market, and manage other operations online. Personalized dashboards let customers view appointments, refer friends, and purchase gift cards.

      Starting Price: $57 per month                    API

      6-45-Movegistics CRM 

      Movegistics CRM is a professional move management system that handles pre-move surveys, job costing, CPQ technology, truckload planning, lead management, and storage management.

      It is a cost-saving moving company software system that provides highly sophisticated workflow capabilities. This software also supports international movers by generating bills of lading, airway bills, and commercial invoices.

      Starting Price: $109 per month                      API



      SmartMoving Software is comprehensive moving company estimation software. It provides all the features you need for your moving company.

      Aside from offering a user-friendly workflow, this software is also known for its ability to maximize sales and profits, as well as 24/7 live support.

      Starting Price: $399 per month                    API                    100% Category Focused


      It's the best moving company software for growing your business. This web-based software collects payments, manages your customers, and converts your leads into moves. Schedule a free demo now.

      Elromco provides moving estimation and customer relationship management services to businesses of all sizes through cloud-based moving software. There are several key features in this system, including lead management, online booking, dispatching, communications, generating bills of lading, processing payments, and generating quotes.

      Starting Price: $279 per month                    API                    Free Trial


      Supermove is the easiest-to-use moving software on the market. With our easy-to-use solution, you can run your entire business digitally.

      One of the most innovative moving software programs in the world with unmatched customer service. Expertly crafted to manage local, interstate, and international moves.

      Starting Price: On Request                    100% Category Focused



      A moving company management software package that is top-of-the-line and the least expensive available today for small and medium-sized businesses.

      MovingPro software offers multiple features, including digital signatures, scheduling, CRM, local and long-distance moves, flat rates, and more, all designed to help you manage moving businesses of all sizes.

      Starting Price: $299 per month                    API                      100% Category Focused


      11-110-MoversTech CRM

      Based on our extensive experience in the moving industry, we provide you with a reliable, user-friendly CRM that simplifies your day-to-day operations.

      All you need to do is schedule a demo and try the CRM for free. Choose whichever pricing plan works best for you from our three monthly pricing packages.

      Entry Level  Price: $99 per month                    25% Category Focused

      A fully featured moving software, eMove is designed to serve the moving needs of agencies as well as small and medium businesses.

      eMove is an online moving system that is designed for Windows. It offers Dispatch Management, International Moves, Job Management, Local Moves, Billing, and Invoicing all in one place.

      Starting Price: $99 per month                    API                    Free Trial




      For service-based industries of all sizes, MovePoint is advanced moving and storage software with a multitude of functionalities.

      In addition to moving estimates, MovePoint handles HR, claims, leads, payroll, email marketing, and email estimates.

      Starting Price: $97 per month                      API                    100% Category Focused

      14-113-Mover System

      Mover System provides end-to-end solutions for Windows. Small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises can benefit from this fully featured moving software.

      It features Customer Management, Quotes and Estimates, Local Moves, Lead Management, and Work Order Management all in one place.

      Starting Price: $180 per month                    100% Category Focused



      14-Mr Mover Software

      Mr. Mover Manager is an advanced moving software program that enables you to run your business efficiently and effectively.

      The software has been helping moving companies boost their productivity and profit for the last 30 years, and it also provides you with on-the-job training.

      Starting Price: Available on Request                    API                    100% Category Focused



      16-115-DTS Software

      DTS moving software is fully featured and designed to handle the moving needs of startups and enterprises alike.

      DTS provides end-to-end moving solutions designed for Windows, including customer management, local moves, lead management, quotations and estimations, and storage management.

      Starting Price: Available on Request                    API                   100% Category Focused



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