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      The same way your doctor will insist on asking you for a past health history report even for a minor treatment procedure, keeping records of your business is just as important. Essentially what is not recorded has not happened. Consequently, you will pay dearly at a future date. Excellent performance and positioning of a business in this competitive market can only be achieved through ROI analysis, forecasting, monitoring and being in control of various company activities and processes towards a set target.

      If you know where you want your moving or storage company to be in the future, one of the first and most important priorities is keeping adequate records. They can be anything from estimates and sales reports to revenue, expenses, including your business’s growth and performance report, payroll reports, booking and cancellation reports, storage information, etc. to help you reach your goals.




      Forget going back to school for a bookkeeping certification or hiring an assistant. You can keep your company costs under control and handle other processes of your business with the help of a web-based moving company software that comes fully equipped with an intelligent record-keeping dashboard. Imagine having software for moving companies that can carry out the tasks mentioned above and more:

      • Easy to operate with low maintenance costs
      • Collects, categorizes, stores and retrieves records automatically
      • Has a built-in mechanism for frequent record back-ups
      • Uses high-quality cloud servers and backup systems to secure your files
      • Can be customized according to your business requirements
      • Provides privileged access to different level users
      • Secures access to all records
      • Allows records to be accessed remotely
      • Tracks marketing and analytics




      Efficient record-keeping presents both enormous responsibilities and challenges to any growing business today. If you don’t have the right moving company software, you will overlook critical data-driven decision making and be hindered by the sheer volume of managing your company processes.

      Having a well-designed moving company software dashboard will not only condense and organize massive amounts of data using a smart, clean format, but it will also give you a quality-focused view of your moving company’s operational metrics offered on QuickBooks and other sophisticated filter tools that makes compiling data and identify key performance targets easy as pie.




      Using the right record keeping moving company software will not only allow you to assess your business’s profit margins, overall efficiency, and profitability, it will also guarantee that your company complies with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax rules. Additionally, keeping a record of the work you have provided your clients, including pre-established business agreements and record of contracts for services rendered is imperative because certain aspects of such information may come into question at a later time.