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12 Reasons a Moving Company CRM Will Help Your Business

Sep 5, 2019 8:02:18 PM




Most moving companies face two issues: lack of time and lack of resources. When a company is growing, these problems become magnified. The good news is that there is a solution to these issues that provides powerful tools for a moving company to make the most of every single minute. What is the solution? A moving company CRM.

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management and is a software primarily used for tracking and executing interactions such as calls, emails, and surveys with current and potential customers. Moving company CRMs perform tasks like collecting basic information such as name, email, contact information, location and so on. Moving CRMs are extremely beneficial to a moving company for the following reasons:

1. Centralizes customer information

Quick access to customer information makes your life much easier. Your sales team is able to ask better questions, your marketing team knows who to reach and you can project sales more accurately.

2. Opens up marketing opportunities

A centralized database for customers provides a great avenue for marketing and driving increased sales. It is simple to use a CRM to re-market your services to a customer who is likely to move again since you already have their information. CRM has untapped tools of opportunities that can help you capitalize on your current client base through mailing lists and other marketing tools.

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3. Allows your moving company to scale for growth

A company that has over 100 customers can no longer use excel to track leads. The manual inputting and tracking of customer interactions is too laborious to be scaled up effectively. With a growing number of clients, a moving CRM helps you find the information you need and it is fast and effective.

4. Improves your company’s communication and processes

If you are interested in tracking your company’s journey, then a moving CRM is the best option. It helps you track, analyze and provide detailed reports of calls, emails, surveys etc.

5. Saves time

CRMs cost money and time to set up but after the initial period of setup and training, you will be surprised at the increased speeds in doing business. Less rifling through paperwork = more time to book jobs.

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6. Allows you to collect on invoices faster

When you make the move to virtual documents, the time between moving a client and invoicing them significantly drops. Nothing is easier than automated payments and billing.

7. Saves money

Moving CRMs allow you to collect money efficiently and save it in the process. You’ll also enjoy savings collecting payments in the CRM instead of shelling out for a third-party service.

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8. Saves the environment

Moving CRMs contribute to the preservation of the environment and the world at large. Digitizing your records is a simple way to join the eco-friendly movement and kiss paper goodbye. As more eco-friendly companies gain more traction, moving companies that embrace CRMs are becoming more popular and gaining more clients because customers are willing to pay more when they see a company that reflects their eco-friendly values.

9. Helps you make better decisions

A moving CRM provides you with intelligence and data which will help your moving company grow and scale more than any other sales or marketing software in the industry. It is also a valuable tool in evaluating employees and an opportunity for them to showcase their skills.

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10. Simplifies the survey process

It saves you the time of traveling to and from a customer’s home to perform a survey since you can engage the customer in a two-way video survey.

11. Generates fast and accurate quotes

A moving CRM helps you generate quotes in minutes rather than days. Sales teams will be able to provide accurate and real-time quotes for customers on the spot with a few clicks.

12. Generally reduces waste

Eliminating manual and tedious processes reduces time and resource wastage. The improvements that come with a moving CRM will change the landscape of your business.

Customers are looking for efficiency and great customer experience. A moving CRM can help you achieve this and move your company to the next level.

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