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      Do you have time to go through multiple trial and errors when trying to learn your new moving software and get it setup while also trying to run your business? I'm going to say its safe to say no, you don't; if the answer was yes I would assume you have little to no customers and your company is not doing all that well. With that being said there are many benefits to having a moving software, but that's not what i'm here to tell you about because if you're reading this you probably already know about all of the benefits of it. I'm here to explain why it is SO SO important that you take the time to get training and learn the moving company software you are investing in.

      getting-proper-training-with-a-new-moving-softwareTraining is the most important part of implementing a moving company CRM, one of the reasons behind this would be time consumption. The amount of time it would take to learn an entirely new platform by yourself could be exhausting, not to mention you are trying to run a business so you probably do not have this amount of time. When you have the appropriate training tools, or a live representative to walk you through the training process this could be narrowed down by many hours. The reason behind this would be because all questions you may have could be answered in a quick tutorial, or better yet with a person there to answer any additional questions you may have.

      training on moving softwareNow don't get me started on the comfortability that these trainings could provide you with. When you are going through a training you will be taken through a flow of the quickest and easiest way to get things done from beginning to end. This will give you a general idea of what flow and what order you should really take things in, and how this software is going to completely change your life and make running your business that much smoother.

      There are different types of trainings, some companies will provide you with video tutorials, others will provide you with articles that have screenshots attached and step by step guides, and others will have actual lives representatives taking you through a screen share and walking you through each step. Now each and everyone of these can be beneficial for their own reasons. The articles and the videos because you can go through and review these as needed, and always have them on standby if need be.

      training-moving-softwareTrainings with a live representative are probably the most beneficial in a factor of learning something new. The main reason behind this being you will have someone right there with you all through your first time being in the software and they will be able to walk you through the most efficient steps that you should take. Another reason this would help is because the entire walk through if any questions arise they can be answered immediately and give you the clarity you may need. Typically when you are put into a training with a representative they have a very large knowledge base of the software, so if there is anything in particular you are worried the software cannot do for you they will be there to ease that worry and provide you with answers or work arounds.

      Every software has its own little kinks, different types of small things the software does that you wouldn't realize right off the bat. When going through trainings all of these will be pointed out to you, and help you be aware of what you are doing and what could happen as a result of doing certain things. This gives you a more narrow knowledge of the software at a much quicker rate which ties time consumption and comfortability into one.

      training on new moving softwareIn addition to comfort and time consumption, trainings can also provide you with the best productivity rates. Majority of software will make sure that all of your employees get trained properly on the software that you are going to be using. This way they should not have any issues with the way the CRM they are going to be using on a daily basis runs, which should assist in getting their productivity up and them getting things done much quicker and easier.

      Last and foremost, the most important of all; legality reasons. When getting a new moving software, ESPECIALLY if you are going to be using one that offers a digital bill of lading (invoice/contract for service) you need to be certain you know where you are going to have to change all verbiage inside of the system to be in compliance with your state. Now, most software employees will not be able to make these changes for you but you wanna make sure you know where all the places are that you would need to change or possibly input specific details that your state requires you to have on your contracts, or your estimates. These are usually further on a backend somewhere, maybe somewhere you would overlook if you're only focusing on the surface of what the software has to offer.

      Now that being said, I hope next time you look into moving company CRM's you make sure to set aside some time to actually go through the training processes no matter what they may be. Training is the most important part of implementing your new software and I hope you now agree. It may be a few hours set aside at the start, but its better than having something you are not for sure how to use for weeks to go and are only scraping the surface of.


      Over here at MoveitPro Software we find training very important. We insist all our clients set aside a minimum of 3 hours for training sessions, and typically recommend 6 with a live representative on video chat, and screen share making sure they know all the little kinks in the software and are well versed in it from start to finish, from the surface to the back end. This way they are more likely to feel comfortable and content with the new software they are investing in to help their company grow.

      Elizabeth Nettles [ Senior Onboarding Specialist with MoveitPro Software ]