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Benefits of Zillow Integration with your Moving Company CRM

Feb 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM




Accuracy of Estimates

The main benefit of having Zillow Information integrated into your MoveitPro System is that your estimating process will now become even more accurate than it was before. Many homeowners will downplay their home size or move size for the best price. With accurate information, you'll never be caught off guard.

In most scenarios the Square Footage is estimated - with Zillow integrated with MoveitPro, this is no longer just a guess, but an accurate and exact number! 




Ease of Use

After inputting each address, you will be able to select a link below the address text field that says “Click Here For More Details.” Having Zillow Integrated means that the Square Footage and Move Size (amount of rooms in the home) are both going to pull into MoveitPro automatically as opposed to having to ask the customer for this information. When this is clicked on, it will bring you to that home addresses Zillow ad, providing all dimensions needed for a move!




Prepared for Anything

Zillow integration can show you information about the home as well as give you the ability to see a Street View/Photos of the home itself. This can come in handy for several reasons. Mainly, having the option to see what the house looks like prior to arriving. You won’t have to guess how far you’ll be parking your trucks. Ease of access to information about the home you’re helping to move will help you be prepared to give your customer the best moving experience.


Rebecca Krasowski
Written by Rebecca Krasowski

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